Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Savings

I did not do any grocery shopping this past week!  I will have to make some purchases this coming week.  My favorite grocery store has the same name but a different owner so I am anxious to see what will change.  Grocery options are very limited in my area.

The garden is starting to produce which is a definite savings.  We ate potatoes and radishes.  I picked strawberries twice.  The first time I made a strawberry cobbler.  The second picking was sliced for topping an angel food cake made with frozen egg whites.  The egg whites were leftover from making ice cream.  We ate a few blackberries and raspberries straight from the plants.  I also picked lettuce and spinach.  I am also keeping a steady supply of sprouts grown on the kitchen counter.

It has been warmer but still not hot enough for me to turn on the AC.  We have used ceiling fans and a floor fan to cool the house.  The warmer temperatures mean lighter noon meals.  We have eaten mostly sandwiches which neither of us mind.  Not using the oven during the middle of the day keeps the house cooler as well.

I made several birthday cards using materials that I had on hand.  While cleaning my craft room I also found a box of colorful envelopes.  I cut vinyl letters using my Cricut for W to make a sign for his small business.  I am not sure what the savings is, but I expect it is significant.  I used the outdoor vinyl to ensure it will last for several years.  (I do plan to do a tutorial on using vinyl to decorate a cake carrier hopefully this coming week.)

Then there are the usual things - watched several tv shows for free on Hulu, downloaded some free Kindle books, and line dried the laundry.  I did purchase a Kindle book this week.  The book has been on my wish list for four years so I decided that $2 was a good price.  It was a definite savings on purchasing a paper copy.

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