Friday, May 30, 2014

Feathered Friday

Bubbles hatched 10 tiny, super cute chicks.  I waited until they were a bit older and in a nursery pen before taking some photos.  I love how the little white one is giving mom a snuggle.



The thirteen chicks that hatched first from the incubator are doing well also.  They have gotten so big and are more independent.  They would not all get together so here is a photo of three of them.



Foghorn is one of our very first chickens.  He is older and no longer wants to free range.  He chose a pen of calmer chickens to live with.  Foghorn prefers to spend most of his time sleeping and he sleeps hard.  I have lost count of the time someone has come to me to tell me about my “dead chicken” which is just Foghorn napping.



Finally the ducks….I have a raised bed near their pen.  When I water the plants, I turn the sprinkler up just a bit so the water goes into their pen.  The photo shows all of them gathered at the fence taking a shower.


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