Friday, May 29, 2015

Feathered Friday

Just when we thought we were done with baby chicks for the time being, a hen surprised us by showing up with 6 adorable, extra tiny, fluffy chicks last week.  This was close to the time we had two chicks hatch in the incubator.  It is not normal for a mama hen to accept any chicks other than her own.  The common response is to kill any other little ones.  This hen was especially sweet and docile so we decided to try and see if she would accept the other two chicks.

She happily accepted them as her own.  Can you pick out her adopted children?  They are the two larger, brown colored chicks on the left side.

W also put her remaining 4 eggs in the incubator, and one of those hatched.  Once again she accepted this new baby.  She is now mommy to 9 cute babies!

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