Friday, May 8, 2015

Furry Friday

When people talk about raising rabbits, they always assume you have tons and tons of babies.  After all rabbits reproduce like.....well rabbits.  Not at our house.  For some reason we have had very little luck with raising rabbits.  We have only had five baby rabbits in the year plus that we have been keeping bunnies.  

We had pretty much given up on the hope of having any unless we got a new boy rabbit.  We got a nice surprise when we found three baby rabbits in one of the bunny houses.

Then W checked a second spot and found one lone baby.

All four are fat and well-cared for by their moms.  They nearly have their eyes open and will be hopping around on their own in just a few short weeks.

1 comment:

Susanna Vaahla said...

So cute ones!!!
My Bunny loves to have a friend too...
Happy May for you!