Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pantry Challenge Update

This week the garden production was in full swing.  I expect that for the next few months I can base meals on what we are harvesting.  Not having to buy produce certainly helps the grocery budget.


Weekend meals (Saturday through Monday) tend to be on our own.  W works a 12 hour shift on these days  With the weather heating up he rarely wants anything heavy and often wants nothing at all.  Normally his weekend supper is cereal.  I eat leftovers.

Tuesday:  We had banana sandwiches with chips for dinner.  Supper was tuna and crackers, cheese, and veggies (carrots and cucumber mainly).

Wednesday:  I baked two loaves of French bread first thing, and we had French bread pizza for lunch.  Supper as usual on Wednesdays was popcorn for movie night.

Thursday:  We had ribs (I got a great deal!), squash, cucumber, and salads.  All of the vegetables were from the garden.

Friday:  I served leftover ribs, a squash/zucchini casserole, salad, and potatoes with a cream sauce.  Once again the veggies were from the garden.  Supper was pancakes using my favorite recipe.  It mixes up nearly as fast as the box mix and tastes so much better.

Now for the spending....

I did end up purchasing a few items this past week.  I bought bananas, lemonade, peaches, fresh corn, buttermilk and 4 pounds of ribs.  I spent a total of $9.52 leaving me $16. 49 for the last week of May.  I am certain that I can stick to that budget next week.  My best deal this past week was the 4 pounds of ribs.  They cost a grand total of $0.39.  That comes out to 10 cents a pound.  They were on markdown with a quick expiration date.  We ate one package and I vacuumed sealed the other.

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