Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In the Garden - Fruit Plants

This year Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds began selling live plants.  I already love their seed selection.  I was very excited to give the plants a try.  I found several that I wanted but narrowed it down to just two types.

First I picked out the Truly Tiny Banana.  It is supposed to be ideal for containers and can easily be grown in a greenhouse.  My plants are small but very healthy.  Best of all they had a good root system.

I also decided to get dwarf mulberry plants.  We have a mulberry tree, but it is a male which means it will never produce fruit.  A neighbor has a female tree and shares the fruit.  I just like to have my own trees.  These will grow 2'-6' if kept in containers.  When planted directly in the ground, they will grow 10'-30' tall.  That may not sound dwarf.  However a regular mulberry tree can grow 50' tall.  My plan is to keep these in containers for a few years and maybe plant in the ground eventually.

Thus far I am very pleased with my live plant purchases from Baker Creek.  I will definitely be looking at other plants next spring!

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