Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In the Garden - Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers

Each year I add to the list of things I grow.  W and I both tend to lean toward something unusual or something that we cannot easily buy in our local grocery store.

He first saw these unusual little cucumbers in an issue of Mother Earth News. I  am always up for growing anything.  In our garden he picks out stuff and helps with the early manual labor.  After that I am on my own until it is time to harvest.   He was drawn to the look; they appear to be tiny watermelons.

I purchased my seeds from Baker Creek.  I started them in small peat pots and then transplanted them straight into a container.  They quickly grew up the cages I placed over the containers.  The vines are covered in these tiny watermelon like cucumbers.

They have a slight sour taste with hints of citrus.  W noted that they had a bit of a watermelon rind taste.  Perhaps it was the look that influenced our taste buds.  We have been just eating them fresh, but I plan to pickle some this week.  From everything I have read, they only do well as quick refrigerator pickles.

These will definitely be staying on my list of plants to grow each year.  They are not only fun to see in the garden but also delicious to eat.

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