Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Savings

I decided this week to take time to write down a couple of money saving things each day.  At the end of the week it is often hard to remember those small things.  It often seems that those small things do not matter but combined they do equal to savings.  I also think the little things put me in a mindset to do the big things.

I used an empty dog food bag as a trash bag.  I had a few things that did not need to sit for long in the kitchen trash can.  I used something I was going to throw away anyway and saved an actual trash bag for later use.

I made my own hummingbird food.  We get piles of hummingbirds in our yard.  Watching them at the feeders is good entertainment.  It is worth the cost/effort of making sugar water.

I spent some time reading a book outside one evening.  It was cooler there than in the house.  No electricity was needed for reading.  Leo was happy to sit beside me in the grass.  He loves to have someone outside with him even if we are not doing anything but sitting.

I decided that the porch needed a bit of color  Most of my plants are ferns or succulents since they tolerate the heat better.  I purchased a vibrant green coleus.  It added a different pop of green, and I can take cuttings to root and get more plants.  I also bought a six pack of portuluca (moss roses) and ended up using them in four different pots.  I put one in each of two hanging baskets.  Two went into a planter with a spider lily, and the final two went into the pot with the coleus.

I burned my arm while making bread - long story, but I am clumsy.  I immediately grabbed some aloe from one of my plants.  The burn is still quite bad but would have been much worse without the aloe.  Aloe plants are very easy to grow and having one in the kitchen is helpful.

I listened to the Essential Oil Revolution presentations for free.  I took my tablet around the house while I cleaned or worked on some craft projects.  I discovered some wonderful new blogs and learned some new things.

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