Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pantry Challenge Update

Yesterday was hectic with cooking and a few other odds and ends before we headed over for a dinner with W's family.  I never got online so the post is a day late.  Here is an update of what we ate for meals this past week and the purchases.  Meals first.

Weekend meals (Saturday through Monday) tend to be on our own.  W works a 12 hour shift on these days.  With the weather heating up he rarely wants anything heavy and often wants nothing at all.  Normally his weekend supper is cereal.  I eat leftovers.

Tuesday we had a chicken taquitos with guacamole and salads.  The taquitos were homemade from the freezer.  I am making an effort to eat out of the freezer this month.

Wednesday we had a hamburger/pork and beans casserole, slaw and rolls.  Supper was popcorn and movie theater sized boxes of candy for movie night.

Thursday was cubed steak, peas, macaroni and cheese, and squash.  I used some onion tops from the garden in the squash.  I am trying to thin out my red onions so the remaining ones grow larger.

Friday's dinner was on your own.  I ate a fish sandwich, and W ate leftovers.  Supper was shredded Italian style deer meat and chips on homemade buns.

A helpful pantry challenge tip:  never leave your husband alone with the grocery cart while you go off to look for wasp spray.  He definitely cut into my $60 budget for this month.  It will be tight, but I am still hopeful that I can make it work.

We bought lettuce, cereal, chips, lemonade and yogurt for a total of $27.05.  Can you guess which purchases were his?  That leaves me $32.95 for the remainder of the month.  I do need to buy some fruit this week, but I hope to limit my shopping to just fruit and get back on track.  

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Terri Cheney said...

lol Next time send W for the wasp spray and you stay with the cart...Unless he's like J and likes to be the 'driver' which case he walks with you. I deal with this business all the time at the grocery and I think it's partly why he insists he goes with me, so he can toss in his occasional item.