Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Quick Trip Around the Garden

I was in the garden and decided to snap a few pictures of what is going on.  This is not everything but a good overview of some of my favorite happenings from last week.

This bed has a bit of everything.  On the left side is borage with the largest of the Armenian cucumbers in the center and a sunflower on the right.  Too small to see are some zinnias and bee balm.

This tomato plant is certainly not the prettiest.  It was one that died back in the greenhouse and sprouted back out.  I am happy that it is covered with tomatoes!

I have wanted to add lemongrass to my herb garden for a couple of years but could not find a plant to purchase.  I was happy to find this in a larger city's garden center.  I divided it into three portions and put it in a large container so I can overwinter it in the greenhouse.

This lemon tree will be overloaded with blooms any day now.  You can already see one very tiny lemon.  I moved the plant into the main garden so it would be closer to the honeybees.

This is the smaller of my two lemon trees, but it has a nice sized little lemon on it.

Both of my pineapple sage plants have hit a growth spurt.  They are covered in blooms and I get a whiff of pineapple each time I walk by.

This raised bed contains a mixture of tomato plants.  I also added in borage and marigolds as companion plants.

One section of my potted herbs.  From left to right - oregano, rosemary, and garlic chives

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