Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Savings

I did minimal grocery shopping this week and only purchased about $10 worth of stuff.  Part of that was to test out a recipe.

I planned laundry for sunny days when I was able to plant it outside.

I transplanted more marigolds and zinnias to other parts of the garden.  I also transplanted more raspberries into the new raised bed W built.

I made more of an effort to cook meals using what we had on hand.  I have been making smoothies for breakfast to use up some fruit.

My church's computer refused to boot up past the initial screen.  I did a bit of research online and found a possible fix.  It turns out the simple fix worked.  I was happy to make the repair myself and not have to take it to a technician.  Many computer problems can be repaired at home.  One just needs to be brave enough to attempt it.

We left one section of the yard unmowed so that I could cut grass to feed the rabbits.  It is nice and tender, and they love it.  The fact that it is free makes it even better.

It was a quiet week but sometimes those are the best.

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