Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Savings

I spent a bunch of time on new house stuff and did not have much time to blog last week.  This will be short as I cannot remember much of what went on.

I bought some chicken on markdown.  I will only purchase one brand which does not have antibiotics or other icky stuff fed to the chickens.  Obviously it is more expensive so I keep my eye out for any deals.

I prepared meals at home and fixed a few things to add to the freezer.  I made crunchy chicken tenders, marinara sauce, English muffins, three spaghetti pies, and two pepperoni pizzas for quick meals.

I combined errands to save on gas and time in an extra trip to town.

I mowed our yards but skipped a small section that had young, tender grass.  I have been pulling it up to feed the rabbits.

The weather has been mild enough that we have not really needed the heat.  We opened the windows on the days it was warmer.

We priced having our new house insulated and discovered it was cheaper to hire out than doing ourselves.

A electrician friend came over to inspect the work W did on the wiring before we called in the building inspector.  W has done electrical work but never wired an entire house.  He got two thumbs up from a certified electrician, and we saved a bunch of money by doing it ourselves.

Those are the high points for this week.  What did you do to save money?

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