Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Book Review: Closer Home

Closer Home by Kerry Anne King is not my usual type of book.  It falls best under the category of women's fiction.  I have been looking for books that are not my type though.  This was a wonderful choice.  The story opens with Lise at her estranged sister's (Callie's) funeral.  Callie was a megastar with an empire and a teenage daughter, Ariel.  Both of those are now entrusted to Lise.

Callie almost seems to be the main character even though she is more of a ghost in the lives of everyone.  This book could easily be an interesting movie of the week.  Callie's passing brings up memories, regrets, and questions for both Lise and Ariel.  I read this book in less than a day.  The story was engrossing and easy to read.  The book did contain a bit of foul language, but that is the only negative aspect.  It was nice to read a women's fiction book that did not revolve around romance but rather had a deeper meaning.

disclosure:  I received this e-book from NetGalley but was not otherwise compensated for this review..  All opinions are my own!

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