Thursday, June 1, 2017

52 New Recipes Week 22

I had spring/summer rolls on my list of things to make for several months.  I searched my area grocery stores for rice paper with no luck.  I turned to Amazon and ordered these.  The first recipe I chose was BLT Summer Rolls.

Rolling these took a little practice.  The rice paper was surprisingly strong though which made it easier.  I served these with some leftover blue cheese dressing.  Everything held together well and was a nice change to the regular BLT.  This would be an excellent meal for hot summer days.  I can see myself using the rice paper wrappers to hold all sorts of sandwich fillings.

I am curious if anyone has made spring/summer rolls.  What are your favorite fillings?


lonibelle said...

basil, cilantro, mint, poached shrimp (cocktail shrimp from grocery store works) and sweet chili sauce. fast and no cooking on hottest days

terricheney said...

I never thought to order the rice wraps from Amazon! I'm glad to hear they are strong enough to hold up as well. I've only used wonton wrappers to make homemade egg rolls. I've seen a few recipes that called for the rice wrappers and always ignored them because I had no clue where I could buy them.