Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Beach Trip

Once upon a time W and I went to the beach once a week.  That dropped to once a month until eventually it had been a few years since we went to the beach.  We live a bit less than two hours from the coast.  Last month we decided to take a day off and head out.  It was an inexpensive trip as we packed our food and did no other shopping.  It was just us on the beach.  W spent the time fishing while I read and wrote a couple of letters.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  The beach was practically empty since we chose to go after schools had started back.  Aside from us there were a couple of families with very young children and some retired folks.

Just like at home I seem to attract an animal of some sorts.  This crab came by to visit me.

Hopefully we can make a yearly beach visit a tradition.  It did us both good to get away just for a day and relax!

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Rhonda said...

How nice! If we lived close enough for day trips to the ocean, we would go often.