Thursday, September 5, 2019

Sprucing up the Porch

The plants that I did have in the big planters on my porch had outgrown the pots.  A few weeks ago W decided to plant them in the yard which left me needing new plants in the planters.  It may be close to fall, but the weather here in the deep South will continue to be hot until the middle of October.  Still it was close enough to fall that I did not want to spend a pile of money to refill the planters.  

I headed out to the garden center of a home improvement store and went straight to the clearance section.  As I was looking for something that would work, I spoke to one of the employees.  I mentioned what I was trying to find.  She said she had just the thing.  Large hanging baskets that she needed to mark down for clearance.  The plants had not sold well since they were better suited for pots than hanging baskets.  

The plants were beautiful when I bought them but were starting to turn a touch yellow.  I added a bit of farm fertilizer (hoppy poo poo) to the soil when I planted them.  Now they are gorgeous.  I made sure to find the employee when I went back to the store to let her know how much I was enjoying them and thank her.  

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terricheney said...

It looks like Angelonia. Here I find that though it dies completely back in winter it will come back. I've had mine for two years or more now. I expect in your area, since you have fewer frosts than I do it might be a good all year round plant for you.