Friday, September 27, 2019

Frugal Friday

It has been a long time since I have written a frugal Friday post.  I have been frugal but just have not kept a list.  I am going to try to think back over the past couple of weeks for a few things.

I used a promo code to add extra talk minutes to my Tracfone.  I did break down earlier this year and get a smartphone.  I cringe when I see the prices of the newest smartphones and monthly plans.  I am quite happy with my refurbished phone and inexpensive plan ($12/month). 

I made my own elderberry syrup with elderberries bought during the summer.  Flu season hit early here, and I mixed up my first batch of elderberry syrup a couple of weeks early.  I planted two elderberry trees this spring so eventually I will not need to buy elderberries.  Until then I purchase them during the summer to save $10+ per pound over fall/winter prices. 

We ate leftovers.  W pointed out that a large portion of our meals are leftovers and then said he was not complaining.  We are both home all of the time now.  If it were not for leftovers, I would spend a large portion of my time cooking.  Some meals leave us enough for a complete repeat while others are individual sized portions. 

I took advantage of reduced shipping from Dollar Tree.  I needed a bunch of a few items to make things for my craft booth.  I would never have found enough at the local stores.  Shipping was just $4.95, and I would have spent more than that driving around to various stores.  *I could have picked in store pick up for free, but I honestly did not trust the stores around here.  Some things are worth a bit of money.*

I bought some mark down candy to use at trunk or treat next month.  I have been collecting small items throughout the year when I found an extra good deal.  I have candy and non-candy items.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Out My window said...

I remember my grandmother making elderberry syrup.