Saturday, September 14, 2019

Weekend Book Reviews

Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches by Karen Rose Smith is the third book in the Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery series.  Daisy is expecting a visit from a food critic that has everyone in an uproar.  When the critic is murdered shortly after his visit, Daisy and her employees are at the top of a long suspect list.  Add in relationship problems and family issues and Daisy is at the end of her rope.  The mystery was good but took a back seat to all of the other drama.  I enjoy the setting and the characters, but I do wish Daisy was a stronger main character.  At times her actions such as refusing to have a grown up discussion with her boyfriend in favor of pouting like a toddler are a bit childish.  I am hoping for a change of pace in book four.

The fifth book in the Pancake House Mystery series by Sarah Fox is  Crepe Expectations.  Marley, owner of the pancake house, and her chef employee, Ivan, are both volunteering at an amateur chef competition in town.  At the same time a cold case gets a new lead with the skeleton of a long missing 18 year old turns up at the site of Marley's boyfriend's latest landscaping job.  When participants of the chef competition are targeted, Marley wonders if the two are related.  This is a good cozy mystery with strong characters and a great setting.  Marley leans toward the smarter side when it comes to being a cozy heroine.  The ending of this book leads into the next which I am already looking forward to reading.

Sconed to Death by Lynn Cahoon is the fifth book in the Cat Latimer Mystery series.  Cat is welcoming another group of writers to her writers' retreat.  The retreat is in trouble when a jealous bakery owner, Dee Dee, files a false report with the health inspector.  Dee Dee has problems of her own though when a body is discovered in her bakery.  The suspect list grows from there as Cat begins to dig into the dead man's life.  The writers retreat is such a fun cozy mystery theme.  I love that a large group of new characters is introduced each book while the base characters remain the same.  Lynn Cahoon writes two cozy series, but this one is my favorite.  Her books focus on the mystery with some side stories and the slightest touch of romance. This is a great addition to the series.

disclosure:  I received these e-books through NetGalley but was not otherwise compensated for these reviews.  All opinions are my own!

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