Friday, December 30, 2016

Frugal Fridays

I decided to change things up a bit and start doing Frugal Friday posts.  Here are the highlights from the past week.

The pantry challenge is off to a decent start.  I had hoped for a weekly budget of $25 and managed to spend just $19 while stocking up on milk.

The weather was damp and dreary most of the week, but I waited until the sun returned to wash clothes that required more than drying racks.

I avoided purchasing anything during the after Christmas sales.  I did not need anything so it was easy to say No.

My cell phone was missing part of the key pad.  It still worked fine so I planned to use it as long as it lasted.  W found his old phone which was identical to my current one.  He swapped key pads for me.  That should help my phone last longer.  It is a basic phone that only does calls/texts.  It is all I need though so I refuse to upgrade.

I made several thank you cards using items that I had on hand.

We hosted my family's Christmas party.  We always have a light meal of sandwiches, snacks, and desserts.  We were given leftovers and snacked on them for a few days afterwards.

I started back doing Microsoft Rewards and earned a $5 Amazon gift card.  I plan to use the earned gift cards from there and Swagbucks to fund some of my wants over the coming year.

I have been rotating through some of my parents' garden plots to feed the rabbits.  They have been enjoying extra kale, spinach, and mustard as well as some clover.  It prevents having to buy something green for the bunnies.

The weather has been warm so there was very little need for the heat over the past week.  It was quite warm Christmas night.  Turning on the large ceiling fan in the living room eliminated the need for the air conditioner.


Rhonda said...

Microsoft rewards is a new one to me. Do you have a referral link?
I plan to get back to points programs. I've done MyPoints since 1999 and swagbucks. Any other suggestions?

Lisa said...

I need to get back to Swagbucks too!