Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Savings

I did my grocery shopping earlier in the week when I had an errand to run and did not go back into town.  I stuck to my budget.

I finished crocheting two more infinity scarves for gifts.  I decided to make matching hair bows since I already had plenty of yarn and the alligator clips.

I worked on gifts for friends.  I am not sharing what those are since several friends do read the blog.

I hand delivered a few Christmas cards rather than mail them out.

I did minimal post-Thanksgiving shopping.  I used gift cards to get some free magazines.  I used another gift card to get myself a very nice pair of fingerless gloves for shipping only.  I ordered W a reusable water bottle for free with a promotional code.

I bought some clothing for W and myself from during their Cyber Monday sale.  W and I both wear hard to find sizes so I try to stock up on items when I find a great deal.

I got back to basic cooking.  I made hamburger buns, rolls, and ranch dressing this week.  I also made cornbread from scratch rather than purchase a boxed mix.  I made chili without the use of a seasoning packet.  I find cooking from scratch to be cheaper and much healthier.

W and I processed a deer he killed.  We eat mainly venison.  The cost of having a deer processed where we live is crazy.  The equipment was worth the investment and has paid for itself many times over.  We vacuum seal the meat so that it lasts longer in the freezer.

W picked several baskets of lemons from the neighbor's tree.  We have slowly been juicing them and freezing the juice to use throughout the year.  He also had permission to dig up a few young trees that had sprouted to add to our little orchard.

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