Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pantry Challenge - Day 1

The best way to start off a pantry challenge is probably not with a trip to the grocery store, but that is how I am starting.  W needed milk and cereal, and we were low on half & half.  Coffee is high priority here.  We got lucky and found milk on markdown.  While the picture shows one gallon, I actually purchased six at $1.25 each.  That will have us set for the remainder of the challenge.

Spending first:  I spent $19.  That bought me six gallons of milk, two boxes of cereal, baby carrots, mushrooms, half & half, soy sauce, tomato paste and Italian seasoned tomatoes.  The items were not absolutely necessary but are helpful for some meal plans.

In keeping things honest and real - today found us out running errands much longer than I anticipated. I used some of my personal money to buy us a light dinner.  Since it was not grocery money, I am going to give myself a pass.  I do not plan to make a habit of it.  This just happened to occur on the first day of the pantry challenge.  

I made up for it by cooking an early supper of ham fried rice and rolls.  I used some rice I had a frozen a couple of weeks ago, frozen mixed vegetables, and some of the leftover holiday ham.  The rolls were homemade and also from the freezer.

I am off to an okay start.  I will not let a minor slip up discourage me.  Check back tomorrow to see how day two goes!

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