Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I should have titled this post "Happy Valentine's Day on a Budget".  W and I do not exchange gifts - no overpriced roses or expensive chocolates - but I do like to do a bit of baking.  I made half a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies.  Rather than doing any serious decorating, I drizzled royal icing over them.

The second treat I made just to prove that a homemade Valentine treat can be simple and frugal.  A local bakery is selling a dozen (12) chocolate covered strawberries for $25!  At this time of year the grocery stores always have deals on fresh strawberries.  I bought a package for $2.  There were 18 strawberries, but for comparison I will only count the 12 largest in the pack and call the others extra.  I had some chocolate on hand already and used about $2 worth.  I am up to $4 for a dozen large chocolate covered strawberries.  I have nothing against anyone spending $25 for 12 strawberries.  It is just not for me.

Then since I still had chocolate left over, I covered some pretzels and pecans.  

Hope you have a happy and thrifty holiday!


Out My window said...

Good job on making nice treats with what you had and a few frugal extras!

Little Penpen said...

Oh yum....those strawberries!!!