Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Back to Basics

I am not sure what things look like in your part of the world.  Life seems to change more and more from one day to the next.

Last week W and I did venture to the grocery stores.  We skipped the big box store and instead went to a couple of smaller stores.  I found them to be well stocked and was able to get everything on my short list.  We already had a good stockpile of most things.  Living so far out in the country, it has always been my nature to have extras on hand.  The only item I bought multiples of was flour.  I knew I could use it to make a variety of breads.  I chose to leave the pre-made breads for others.  I did not spend much over a usual shopping trip, and I planned to stay out of the grocery stores for at least three weeks.  Honestly we could hold out a couple of months or more although the meals might get a bit weird toward the end.

The main change here was no church services.  That was the norm here for all churches.  Instead the service was recorded and uploaded online.  It was a quick learning experience for me as I handle the technology stuff at my small church.  It was far from professional, but we managed with our inexpensive laptop. 

As I mentioned yesterday I went out quickly to pick up a few things for my parents and got a couple of items for us.  It seems we may be in for stricter restrictions in the coming days.  I used extra amounts of hand sanitizer and did my best to distance myself from others.  For now I am not planning to venture out at all for at least two more weeks.

A few gratitudes in all of this...

  • I am thankful W and I are able to work from home and that we are both content to do so.

  • I am thankful the weather is warming up which hopefully will help stop the virus spread but at least will allow us to grow some of our own foods.

  • I am thankful to see people being kind and courteous even during difficult times.

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