Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Grocery Spending Weeks 7 & 8

I decided it was best to catch up on my grocery spending for the year.

Week 7 I had hoped to skip the grocery store, but W was gifted some milk and wanted cereal.  I needed something for breakfast so I picked up almond milk for oatmeal.  The total was $6.07

Week 8 was mostly things we were out of and items for W's birthday meal.

brownie mix
sour crream
pizzas (lunch on errand day)
roast beef
cream cheese

I spent $34.43 on that shopping trip.  That brought my February total to $140.37.

This week I am planning a big shop for the month so I can hopefully stay out of the grocery stores at least one week.

January:  $80.41
February:  $140.37

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