Thursday, February 25, 2016

In The Greenhouse

It has been some time since I posted what is growing in the greenhouse.  This is just a peek as I do have several pots of herbs that overwintered in there.  My dad dug up and potted a jalapeno pepper plant earlier in the winter, and it is sprouting out well.  He should have some early peppers.

This tomato plant is one that was bitten back before W got the heater in my greenhouse hooked up.  It had a small tomato on it, and the stalk never froze so I kept watering it.  In a few days I will be rewarded with a vine-ripened home grown tomato.

One of my pineapple plants had bloomed in the fall and put on a tiny pineapple.  It has continued to grow in the greenhouse but has a few more months to go.  Homegrown pineapples are a lesson in patience.  The flavor of one picked off the plant when ripe blows away a grocery store pineapple.

I am late with starting my seeds this year due to the new house craziness.  I am planning to purchase some of my pepper plants and maybe a tomato or two from a neighbor who runs a nursery.  I planted seeds for pepper plants that I have trouble finding (baby bell, purple bell, and pepperocini).  I also prefer heirloom tomatoes so I grown those myself and have started some herb seeds too.  I bought the plant labels on clearance last year and am wishing now that I had bought more.

I use saved mushroom containers to hold the peat pellets.  They are the perfect size to hold up to four seed starts.

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sweetartisan said...

This must be the most satisfying hard work. Planting your own tomatoes, pineapple and herbs. Awesome!��❤️