Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Savings

I apologize for the lack of posts last week.  Life got super hectic, and I just needed some time to handle the craziness.  Now onto the savings....

I stuck to my grocery budget again for the past week.  I bought fresh items only as we are still eating from the pantry/freezer.

I delayed our coffee order for an extra week.  Good coffee is one area that W refuses to compromise on.  Since it still only costs us around $3.50 per week, I will happily indulge him.

I worked in the garden a couple of days while the weather was nice.  I have one raised bed that is full of weeds.  I borrowed a garden tool from my dad to make breaking it up a bit easier.  I also used some cardboard we had on hand to act as a weed barrier for a new raised bed.

I went through my seeds left from last year and discovered that I had most of what I needed.  While I had to order a few, my total was much lower than I expected.  It only took a few minutes to sort through what I had, but it saved me quite a bit of money.

I dried all of our laundry either on the line or on drying racks.

I used feed sacks to collect trash from the yard rather than a trash bag.  Both do the same job, but we always end up with a pile of empty feed sacks.

We are continuing to put the construction waste in with our regular trash.  We pass another home construction site while going to W's parents' house.  The one thing that always stands out in the enormous dumpster in the yard.  I am happy to avoid that expense.

I was in charge of finding a guest speaker for women's day at church.  I asked a friend at a neighboring church to speak and wanted to give her a little gift as a thank you.  I shopped from my pantry and included a nice bottle of lotion, two candles, and some of my homemade lip balms.  It all went into a gift bag I had gotten for free.

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