Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Decorating

I am a bit late posting this.  For the Valentine's banquet at church, the men were in charge.  W agreed to handle the decorations.

He built a reusable photo booth for $20.  Most of the materials were things he had on hand.  He built it in sections so that it was easy to take apart for storing.  We ordered props from Amazon.  He used a paper tablecloth as the backdrop.

For the tables we used a white tablecloth and then cut patterned tablecloths into strips to use as runners.

For the dining tables we used the same base as the food tables.  He added a valentine to each place setting.  We also added some inexpensive centerpieces.

We purchased vases at Dollar Tree as well as some foam heart stickers.  W cut some branches from a tree in the yard, and we stuck the hearts to them.

We also purchased some simple frames.  I made an insert for each one with clip art and a Bible verse.

While we did purchase items, all of them (except the foam hearts and tablecloths) are reusable for another event.  The photo frames and vases can be repurposed for pretty much anything.  The photo booth can be used at other events as well.


Rhonda said...

Very pretty Dawn, and proof that decorations can be beautiful on a shoestring

Tammy said...

How fun! I'm a fan of photo booths and props. Did you provide a photographer or did the guests snap their own pics?

Avalon Donaghy said...

Nicely done! I love your and W's creativity.

Dawn said...

I was the photographer although some people did take their own pictures. I will be making copies for everyone with a Shutterfly coupon code.