Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Savings

This covers a couple of weeks since I never got around to posting at all last week.

I stuck close to my grocery budget only going over slightly this past week.  That included stocking up on sale priced butter.  It will all balance out in the end.

I have tried my best to make good use of leftovers which helps with the grocery budget.  W also requested that I try to use up the food that we have on hand before we move.  Even though we are only moving across the yard, it is a good opportunity to use what we have rather than continuing to buy more.

I made envelopes for mailing letters to friends.  I used colorful copy paper and a glue stick.  These envelopes are fun and a fraction of the cost of a similar purchased envelope.

I gave myself a manicure.

I have been enjoying the TV show "Chef's Life" via the PBS channel on Roku.  The cooking tips are very good, and it is an interesting show.

I avoided buying any of the "deals" offered online.  I enjoy looking at all of the sales.  If I do not need something though, it is not a deal.  Saying no means saying yes to a larger goal.

W fixed our sound machine which I need at night to sleep.  It kept cutting off randomly in the middle of the night at which point I would immediately wake up.  It took a few minutes of time, but it is now as god as new.

I sent cupcakes to work with Warren for him and his co-workers to enjoy.  They were made from scratch and were budget friendly since they helped use up some buttermilk.

We used a coupon at Lowe's for something we needed for the new house and saved $10.

I used more scrap yarn to crochet hair bows for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

I am sure there are more items, but this covers the highlights.  What did you do to save money this past week?


Terri Cheney said...

My doctor's office has a sound machine and while there this time John insisted we look to see what brand it was so we could purchase one too. I found the model at Walmart and ordered it. I think he'll enjoy it once it arrives. I know I will since he listens to radio at night right now. I LOATHE being awakened by people talking in my bedroom at night, even if they DO end up being on the radio!

beckyathome said...

I'm also trying very hard to use up a lot of my groceries so that we we do move, it will be easier. It's a big challenge, but it's going well. Today, I made casseroles with noodles from several packages that were partly used, and got carried away. I ended up with a LOT of casserole, so gave some to my mom, had it for dinner, and probably will serve it again tomorrow:)

Good luck with using yours creatively!