Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Savings

W took Monday off work as he had some vacation time that had to be used up.  He needed to pick up a few things for the house, and I needed to go help with the birthday party at the nursing home.  He dropped me off and I caught a ride home with another volunteer.

Also on his day off he built me four new raised beds with boards and scraps leftover from building the new house.  We used compost, rabbit manure (we have an abundant supply), and peat (purchased) to fill the beds.  We planted 4 blueberry bushes which had been purchased on clearance in one bed.  Two of the beds got raspberry canes which we dug up from our raspberry plants.  I wanted to move them to a different area of the garden to give them more sun.  I have not decided what I will plant in the third bed yet.  Most likely it will be herbs and flowers to attract bees.

I also made a bee/butterfly watering area using items from around the yard so my cost was $0.  I will share that in a separate garden post this week.

A neighbor brought over a big box of not so fresh fruits and vegetables.  The farm animals were happy for the extra treats.  W was able to get several avocado seeds to try to root.  He desperately wants an avocado tree or two (or ten).

Someone told me that a local grocery store had marked down a bunch of items.  When W and I went into town to run errands, we stopped by and walked the aisles.  We bought flour, cereal, herbal tea, and tuna.  I also splurged on some Izze sparkling juice drinks.  I love them but rarely buy them due to the price.  At 50% off W encouraged me to splurge.  I am stocked up on flour for the next few months which is a plus with all of the baking I do.

While in the grocery store W asked about lunch, I offered him a big salad with diced ham and cheese once we got home.  It used up some items we already had on hand and stopped us from picking up any extra food or takeout.

Not an exciting week but some are like that.  How did your savings turn out this past week?

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Terri Cheney said...

John is off all this week. So far we've eaten out twice and had to stop so that he could buy stuff to make 'me' cheeseburgers yesterday. Ermmmm...not my favorite meal! I am resigned to just let go of the budget a wee bit and let him have his way. The straight and narrow will be coming up really soon, lol.