Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In the Garden: Part 1

Last week I took you out to the greenhouse.  Today we will be in the garden.  In the area where I live, if pecan trees are starting to bud out, the worst of winter is over.  It does not mean the cold is completely gone - just that we will have no more hard freezes.  It helped that the temperature was in the high 70s, and I have been itching to dig in the dirt.

First up are the red onions I planted in the fall.  They are growing well but need more growing time.

I mentioned in the weekly savings post that I made a bee/butterfly watering area for nothing.  I have no idea where W originally got the shallow metal pan.  It had a hole in the bottom which I plugged with a piece of Styrofoam left from the new house.  I used two big chunks of concrete also from the new house and several rocks from the old fish pond.  I plan to add some plants around it and hope to have an abundance of flying visitors as the year progresses.

I am never at a loss for helpers while working in the garden.  On this day one of the bantam hens and Thea the cat were on hand to supervise.

W and Leo worked on building new raised beds.  I am always expanding my garden area. 

I spent several days working in the garden and will share part 2 on Thursday.

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