Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yard Sale Finds

Many years when yard sale season arrives I have a set list of items that I am looking to buy.  This year I did not.  I headed out just looking for anything that caught my eye.  At the same time it had to be something I really, really loved.

One of my favorite purchases was pineapple sage.  A small nursery sets up every year, and the owners always have something new.  W likes to say that as soon as she said it could be used for herbal tea, she had a sale.  The smell is amazing - just like a fresh pineapple.

W also found a few plants that he liked so we purchased those too.  I love coleus, and he is a sucker for succulents.

I also purchased some stationery sets for 50 cents to $1 each.  Normally I make my own stationery, but life is especially hectic now.  These will be used.

W found two candy type storage containers which will will use in the new house.  I bought a Lock 'n' Lock container.  I love these as they seal very well and prolong the life of fruits or vegetables.

I found an old Toshiba laptop for $5.  I planned to use it for parts if nothing else.  It was only missing the battery.  Back home W tightened up a few loose screws, and we discovered it works just fine.  The only problem is a loose connection in the charging port.  I will see if that can be tightened.  I have a nice spare computer for just $5!

I purchased two egg baskets.  The first one will be used for gathering eggs.  The second will be a display piece on an old pie safe in the new house.  We also got four ceramic eggs with it which will be nest eggs.  The nest eggs alone are worth the purchase price.

I got a garden claw for $5.  It is similar to this one.  My dad has one that I have borrowed multiple times.  It works great in my raised beds.  I am happy to have one of my very own now.

I also bought a huge stack (nearly 30) of specialty decorating magazines.  These are the ones that sell for $8-$10 at the grocery store checkout.  The seller gave me a price of 25 cents each.  I decided to gather a bunch and ask for a deal.  W and I picked out the ones we wanted.  I went back to her and pointed in his direction and asked for a deal.  She said $2, and I happily handed over the money.

I bought season 8 of Monk on DVD for $1.

I think that is everything.  I did not buy a ton of stuff, but I was very happy with each and every purchase.

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