Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Savings

This was a busy week.  I spent some time in the garden - free exercise - and greenhouse.  Many of my seeds in the now open greenhouse have sprouted and some are ready for transplanting.  I never got around to pulling up the jalapeno pepper plants from last year and was pleasantly surprised to find them sprouting back out.  I also saw some extra pepper plants coming up as well as some volunteer tomato plants.  I will also have plenty of marigolds as those are coming up everywhere. I will wait until they get bigger and move them to different areas of the garden.

I took apart a Halloween decoration that was made from plastic flower pots.  I will repaint those and have three containers to use in the garden.

I harvested a tomato from a plant in the greenhouse.  It was delicious in a salad this week.  Both of the tomato plants in there are blooming which means an early harvest.

While at a home store to pick up a few items, I wandered through the garden center.  I saw some honeybees buzzing around a potted flower but at $10 each I did not plan to purchase any.  When W and I got to the back, we found the same flowers (in perfect condition) on a clearance rack marked to $3 so I purchased two.

Our beekeeper friend stopped to check in on our bees.  He gave us an empty hive to keep and suggested we put it out somewhere in hopes of attracting some bees.  We set it in a corner of the garden and put one of the $3 flowers beside it.  We have already seen some bees buzzing around.

W, my parents, and I spent two days going to yard sales as part of a big annual event.  I took a note from Terri at Blue House Journal, and we packed lunches, drinks, and snacks for both days.  None of us are used to eating out and find that the fast food makes us feel rotten.  Packing our own food was healthier and definitely cheaper.  I will share my yard sale finds later in the week!

W and my dad continued to work on the tin roof of our new house.  W was uncertain of how to do the tin around the gable area.  W had asked our contractor friend to come by, but he has been extra busy.  I suggested W look on YouTube, and he was able to find several videos showing a roof exactly like ours.  He is now confident in how to finish the job.

I have picked up all of the scrap pieces of tin left from the roof.  Some may be big enough for another (small) project.  Anything leftover can be sold for scrap metal making a bit of money rather than being thrown in the trash.


Rhonda said...

We like to pack road food too. We eat fast food so rarely, we never know what to order anyway.

Good job in your savings

Terri Cheney said...

I'm all caught up for the week with this blog now. I love the look of the pineapple sage and am intrigued that it smells like pineapple. It sounds like you did well at the Peaches to Beaches yard sale. I really enjoyed the small portion of it we visited. One year I mean to start at the beginning and work my way to the end...but that is one day, lol.