Thursday, March 3, 2016

In the Garden: Part 2

I have already made use of some of the new raised beds that W and Leo built.  One has blueberry plants.  I added in peat moss, rabbit manure with pine shavings, and compost.  I had purchased these plants on clearance and overwintered them in pots.  I have four plants.

In two of the new raised beds I planted a bunch of raspberry canes.  These were off of the plants that I already had.  They run and reproduce like crazy .  My initial investment has multiplied many times over.  I am putting them in an area of the garden where they will get more sun and hopefully produce better.  I had never eaten a fresh raspberry until I started growing them in my garden.  Now we cannot get enough of them.

I repotted a several pots of mint.  I try to keep this in containers since it spreads like crazy.  I know eventually I will need to start giving some away.

I have been cleaning out some of the raised beds and containers to prepare them for planting.  At this point I am leaving them open so the chickens can help mix (and fertilize) the soil.

Warmer temperatures means the flowers that self seeded are starting to sprout.  I have several marigolds that are coming up in and and around the raised beds.  I will move these to permanent spots when they are bigger.

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