Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In the Greenhouse

Quite a bit changed in the greenhouse since my last post.  Remember the storms that went through the south?  My area avoided any bad weather, but we did get some gusting winds.  Unfortunately the winds caught the plastic on the greenhouse just right.  Once a small hole was torn, it was a hopeless situation.

The good news is that everything inside fared just fine.  I am crossing my fingers that the budding pecan trees are correct and the worst of winter is over here.  There is simply no putting the greenhouse back together without buying more plastic.  We would rather wait until the next winter.

The seedlings are good but slower in sprouting.  Now the temperature inside the greenhouse is the temperature outside the greenhouse.  If it were to get very cold, I could move them inside.  For now I am just letting them be.



Yellow Pear Tomato

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