Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Year's Goals - Check In

I thought since we are about one-fourth of the way through the year it was time for a check in on my goals.  I only made two this year.  The first goal was to finish building and move into the new house without losing it.  We are doing pretty well on that one finally.  Progress is being made, and I can see things moving at a more rapid pace.

One of the sub-goals was to spend less money than the bank gave us.  That one is out the window as the bank never gave us any money.  We did borrow a lower amount from W's 401k, and I am sticking up extra money in case we go over that amount.

Decluttering:  I wish I could say I was getting more of that  done.  I have started on my craft room.  The first task is to move anything related to the shoebox project out of the house and to the church.

The second goal was to take care of myself.  I had a few lapses on that one.  I fell away from doing the "52 Small Changes".  The good thing is that it is easy to just start over.  This week I am back to making sure I drink more water.  I have also been working in the garden more which fulfills my goal of "have fun".

I like to think that goals can start (or re-start) at any time.  You do not have to wait to January to make a change.  If you made a goal in January but have not followed through, start today.  Each day is a new beginning and a fresh chance for change!

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