Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Freezing Milk

Avalon asked a question on last week's savings post about freezing milk:

"I have what is probably a silly question about freezing milk. My husband says his mother always bought milk and froze it, but the times I've done so (I don't do anything special, just toss it in the freezer) it sours almost immediately when defrosted. What am I doing wrong?"

It is not a silly question at all.  My first answer is that you are not doing anything wrong.  One problem could be the brand of milk.  A major store sells milk that I have never had any luck using after it is frozen.  It separates as soon as it thaws and cannot be shaken enough to return to a proper consistency.   I know several people who have had the same problem when trying to freeze this brand of milk.  Try switching brands if possible.  I shop at a different store which sells a different brand of milk and very rarely have problems.

I try to freeze milk for no more than 6-8 weeks.  After that it can be more prone to separating.

I do let the milk sit on the counter until it is partially thawed but never completely thawed.  Terri mentioned the same thing in her reply.  Thawing a gallon of milk is not a quick process and rushing it will not give you the best results.

Freezing milk really is just as simple as putting it in the freezer.  It allows you the freedom to stock up while the price is good.


terricheney said...

And I never once thought about brand differences. I stick with Aldi and before that it was almost always Kroger brand. I'll keep this in mind if I find I have what appears to be an 'off' gallon that is a different brand though.

Rhonda said...

I have frozen milk and agree with your thawing assessment. It is not quick but I never noticed frozen milk spoiling faster than not frozen milk.
Lately our milk solution between shopping is using the shelf stable quarts of milk from Dollar Tree. I usually buy 10 or so at a time and keep most in the pantry and 1 in the fridge to chill.