Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Savings

I skipped grocery shopping for the week.  We ate what we had with a focus on using up leftovers.

W cut down an old light pole in the yard.  It was given to us after the power company disconnected it several years ago.  W will use part of it for mounting the meter in our yard.  The other half will be a post for the new garden fence.

I made 15+ cups of breadcrumbs from end pieces of homemade bread that I had been stashing in the freezer.  I like to grind them up a bit in the food processor before toasting them.  It gives them a consistency similar to panko bread crumbs.

I got free garden help when our plumber's youngest daughter came over after school.  She helped me plant a few things, move some of the volunteer marigolds, and even pulled weeds.  Her dad assured me she was never that interested in their garden.

I received my free postage stamps in the mail for taking part in the Quad Readers' mail reporting program.

We returned a pile of items to Lowe's and got enough credit to cover one-fourth of the items we bought.

I made two loaves of bread for sandwiches.

I managed to get all of my laundry done before the rain moved in and was able to dry it on the line.

Once again all of our construction trash fit into the regular garbage can.  We recently rode by a new house construction and saw a huge dumpster sitting out front.  I know it was certainly more than our $18.50/month trash bill.

I did purchase two poblano pepper plants this week for $3.68 each.  These two plants will give me much more than $7+ worth of peppers.

My aunt purchased a six pack of eggplants but did not want all of them.  She shared one with me.

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Rhonda said...

Lowes is so easy to do returns. Whenever Jeff is doing a project, I suggest he buy anything he thinks he will need first, to avoid trips back to Lowes in the middle of his work, Then when the project is done, I return anything he didn't use.

Your new house progress is so exciting!