Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Book Review: The Flower Workshop

The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar first appealed to me due to the subtitle:  "Lessons in Arranging Blooms, Branches, Fruits, and Foraged Materials".  I love fresh flower arrangements and was interested in creating my own.  Living in an area where there are no flower markets, I was especially happy to see foraged materials included.

When I first skimmed through the book, I was disappointed that step-by-step photos were not included.  As I went back and read the book, I discovered that I did not need photos.  The step-by-step instructions are just guidelines for creating my own arrangements.  Ms. Chezar gives tips on everything - choosing containers, useful tools, and alternate flowers to include in her featured arrangements.  The photos are gorgeous and very inspiring.  While I may never be a great flower arranger, I do feel more confident for making arrangements at home.

disclosure:  I received this e-book from NetGalley but was not otherwise compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own!

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Sarah said...

Looks like a great book. I love making arrangements for our home with flowers and things from outside. I hope you will share some of your arrangements.