Thursday, March 24, 2016

In the Garden

With the warmer weather and rain over the past week, the garden has made good progress.  My pesky chickens refused to stay out of the raspberry beds so I was forced to take action.  We used some shelving material that was on a no longer using table to cover them.  The chickens will stay out, but the raspberry canes can grow up through the shelving.

The cherry trees are starting to bud out.  I was a bit concerned about these.  W wants to put them in the front yard so they will need to stay in containers a bit longer.  These are actually bush cherries which will grow well in my zone.  They will stay short enough that we can use them as hedges.

Some of the seeds I planted have started to sprout.  I put some flower seeds for the bees in with this pot of plantain.  You can see the sprouts on the left side of the picture.  I will thin and transplant as they get bigger.

The Armenian cucumber seeds have started to pop up as well.  I planted borage along side them, but those seeds are not sprouting just yet.  The first cucumber sprout is a bit hard to see as it is just popping out of the dirt beside the brown oak leaves in the center.  The second one is up completely.

The volunteer marigolds are growing well.  These sprouted in the path between two of the raised beds.

Finally a few volunteer jalapeno pepper plants.  There is one weed in this picture, but every other green thing is a jalapeno pepper plant.  I will have plenty to transplant and give away this year!

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