Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wardrobe Update: Part 1

Since I am updating my wardrobe in phases, I decided to break down my posts.  Let me start by saying that I am not a fashionista.  Many days I rarely see anyone other than the animals.  For the past year while working on the new house I would put on a t-shirt and jeans or shorts.  It was usually nothing nice since I knew I was going to get dirty.  Now that we are nearing the end of constructions, it is time to pay a bit more attention to my appearance for me if no one else.

Step one was to sort through my clothes (most but not quite all).  I pulled anything that was really worn.  I also pulled anything that I did not like.  It is better to have a few items that I love rather than piles and piles that are just okay.  I will finish sorting completely when we move.

Once I had items that I love, I needed to stretch them into as many outfits as possible.  For me the best way to do this was to search on Pinterest.  For example "blue cardigan outfit" will give you several ways to style a blue cardigan.  I did this when I was looking at items from ThredUP.  I wanted to make sure I could find enough ways to style each item to make it worth purchasing.

Second I looked around Pinterest and found outfits that I liked and pinned those.  Some included items I already had in my closet.  Others gave me ideas for items to add to a wish list.  When shopping sales/consignment/thrift, patience is a must.  I do have an idea of what I like and what looks good on me so I had a starting point.  I also know which brands I can wear.  Most websites or sellers include the clothing measurements which makes it easier.

That is the first part of my wardrobe makeover.  Next week come back for part two.

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