Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Savings

I am still working on updating my wardrobe on a budget (of course).  I waited until the Labor Day sales started to get some deals from my list.  I also managed to score free shipping on both of my orders.  Unless I run across something awesome in the next couple of months I am set for fall.  I have a post planned for Wednesday on my wardrobe update.

We ate from the freezer and spent little on groceries.  I cannot remember exactly, but I think I was at $35 and part of that will carry over into this week.  

I returned an item to Amazon that we ended up not needing.  That means $20 will go back into the new house money.

I am making a baby blanket for a shower gift using yarn that I already have on hand.

I rarely get free address labels anymore.  I made my own using some free clip art in Word.  I like to have a fun label when mailing letters to friends.

W bought cat food and chose two bags that had coupons.  That was a savings of $4.

We had another week of putting all of the new house construction trash into the regular trash pickup.  My mom and aunt offered to let me put trash in their cans as well.  We pay a set fee whether the can is full or not.

Cooler temperatures meant that we rarely needed to run the air conditioner during the day.

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