Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Savings

Building a house is expensive.  I commented to someone the other day that it was not the big purchases but all of the little things that were getting me.  This week we did find some mark down cabinets for the laundry room.  I also found some storage units for my craft room marked down.

We have been eating from the freezer.  I have managed to find some not too difficult to prepare meals using what we have on hand.  Our grocery bill was $28 this past week.  I hope to keep it around that for the next week or two.

I was able to fit the construction trash in our regular trash cans again.

Clothes were hung to dry on the line or in the house.

I planted an avocado tree and two pineapple plants started in the kitchen window.

I planted kale, spinach, and swiss chard seeds in my parents' garden.  They had some extra room and will be watering everything anyway.  The seeds were quite old so time will tell if they sprout.  If not I have some newer seeds that can be planted.

This was an accidental savings.  I placed an order with Amazon, but when I received the package it was not at all what I had ordered.  We received four backpacks and three personal water filters.  A call to Amazon to sort out the problem resulted in me receiving a refund for the items that I did order.  I was also told to keep the items sent to me by mistake.  Amazon does seem to do their best to keep the customers happy!

I used some coupons at CVS to get a free first aid case and two free boxes of cereal.

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