Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wardrobe Update: Part 2

Before I really started buying any clothes for fall, I started following a few fashion blogs.  I ended up bookmarking a pile of them - around 20 I think.  Over a couple of weeks I was able to pare down the list.  While some were nice, the clothing did not fit my lifestyle. I lean toward being clueless about putting pieces together to make an outfit. The blogs gave me some much needed guidance.

One favorite is Jo-Lynne Shane.  I found her clothing to be more of what the average person (at least the ones I know) would wear.  I will add that my clothing budget is much lower than hers.  I use her posts as inspiration.  I loved the outfit from this post last fall.  It looked classic, and the pieces are easy to find.  I already had the pieces for this summer outfit in my closet.  The top was a bit different but the idea was the same.

My other favorite is Grace & Beauty by Cyndi Spivey.  She mixes fashion with a bit of scripture and encouragement.  I particularly appreciate that she showcases modest clothing that is not frumpy.  Again I tend to use her posts as inspiration.  Her post on fall transitional pieces helped me see the utility jacket that was already in my closet in a different light.

Come back next Wednesday for Part 3 when I share some of the things I added to my wardrobe over the past few weeks.  Until then, do you have any favorite fashion blogs to share?


Helena said...

Great clothes. I also want classic pieces in my wardrobe. I realise you go back to those all the time. One or two fun pieces is good to have too! I like and blogs

terricheney said...

I pinned that same photo the fall outfit on Jo-Lynne Shane's blog...Obviously we have similar ideas on what 'real' clothing looks like, lol.