Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden, New Recipe, & Frugal Friday

I am so behind this week.  I decided rather than skipping the posts that I would just lump them all together.  First up the garden...We finally got some rain.  The garden will need weeding this weekend.  I did want to share a picture of the last fruit plants I am adding this year.

I bought dragon fruit plants.  They are a bit on the small side.  I planted them in little pots and put them inside a long pot to keep them safe.  I also have them on the front porch.  This allows the plants to get some sun and keeps them protected from the chickens.  The plants will have to live in the greenhouse during the winter.  I am not expecting fruit anytime soon.  I am excited to know that eventually I will get to taste dragon fruit.

Next up is the new recipe for this week:  Stuffed French Bread.  I did not take a picture as it was honestly a mess.  I will blame it on the fact that I used homemade French bread.  It was delicious and I will serve it again.  I will serve it as open faced sandwiches next time.  I made the filling ahead of time and actually followed the recipe.  Other than adding in some fresh mushrooms, I would not change any of the ingredients.

Last up is Frugal Friday.  Here is what I have done recently to save money.

~I made granola for W to eat as cereal rather than buying cereal.  I use the Frugal Girl's No Stir Granola recipe.  I am not sure it is cheaper, but I am sure it is healthier than most cereals.  It is more filling so W eats less.

~My mom found 15 new cloth napkins for $2.50 at the Salvation Army.  I washed them and have them ready to use.

~I skipped going to the grocery store this week.

~I used pots I had saved to plant the dragon fruit plants.

~I waited until the weather cleared to wash clothes so they could be dried on the line.

~I fed the rabbits vegetable trimmings several times.

Hopefully next week I will back on track!

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