Friday, January 25, 2019

The 25th: Holiday Prep Day

After being so far behind for the holidays last year, I have decided to spend a little time each month on the 25th getting ready.  I hope some of you will join along so we can encourage each other.  Some of my plans are to work ahead on handmade gifts, plan to do lists, and  keep an eye out for things to add to my gift pile.  I am calling this holiday rather than Christmas since I want to plan ahead for birthdays as well as Secret Sister at church.

Today I want to update my Christmas card list.  I bought cards during the after Christmas sales. 

I added a small gift which was bought on clearance for our nephew to the gift pile.  It can be either birthday or Christmas. 

My family does a dirty Santa type swap at Christmas.  I am keeping my eye out for items to use.  Often I get a pile of smaller things rather than one gift.  I am working on bag #1. I purchased a pair of scissors for a quarter.  If I can shop all year long, I should be able to spend a small amount on two nice gifts.

I also want to make a list of Secret Sister gift ideas.  I have a questionnaire to help with ideas, and we have a budget amount in place.  I will try to share ideas throughout this year of how I am able to be involved but still stay within my limited budget.

This month my gift is a bird feeder and bag of sunflower seeds in a snowman basket.  Technically the basket is Christmas, but I think a snowman theme carries over through winter.  I bought both the basket and birdfeeder on clearance.  I took the seeds from the bag I use to feed birds in our yard.  I only have about $3 in the entire gift.  I will dress it up just a bit with items I have on hand and have a nice gift.

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