Monday, January 28, 2019

January Goals Update: Week 4

1.  Set Up a Routine
The main part of the routine is in place.  I was reminded why routines are hard when you work for yourself from home.  This past week I picked up two tutoring jobs.  That is a blessing, but it means that some of my routines need to be reworked.  I am not sure that this is a goal that will ever really "work".  I am always going to need to be flexible.

2.  Pantry/Freezer Challenge
This has been a definite hit.  I spent $42 on groceries so far this month.  I am giving myself $18 to spend this last week.  That will leave me plenty of money not spent from the grocery budget to cover my spring seed order.  I did fall short in keeping track of what we ate this past week.  I apologize for that. 

I decided we need to do a pantry/freezer challenge at least one week every month or two.  It helps use up items I may have forgotten about or be creative with items on hand.

3.  Plan the Garden
I did not make any changes to my plans this past week.  We are getting a hard freeze this week so I will cut back the last of the basil for the rabbits an will cut back the pineapple sage.  I will most likely cover some of the smaller herb plantings.  Normally the garden is done weeks before now.  The garden peas will do fine as it never gets cold enough here to kill them.

I hope you will stop back by Friday to see my February goals!


Out My window said...

We too are trying hard to eat out of our freezer and stick to a grocery budget. Can't wait to see your February goals.

wolfek said...

I saw a pattern on etsy and thought of you. It is a small fish suspended by fishing line in a jar which makes it look like it's swimming. Have you seen it? Still loving my scrubbers! The lady is in England so the shipping is extreme.