Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Back to Basics

I feel like last week passed me by.  W was under the weather for a few days, and then I had a migraine.  The good news was that while I did get a bit behind on housework, I managed to feed us from the pantry/freezer.  I did pick up some quick meal items while at the grocery store since we had cleaned all of those out during the pantry challenge.

One of my back to basic goals for this year is to do some decluttering so the house is easier to clean.  That means I need to set aside time to sort items that are trash, to be donated, and to be sold.  I started in my craft room which is by far the worst room.  I am giving myself until the middle of March.  I already tossed out some trash and set aside items for a neighborhood yard sale. 

I only bought yarn that I needed to start on an order.  It was tempting to pick up some other especially since there was a sale.  I am working to make as much as I can from yarn that I already have and am only buying what is necessary to complete custom orders.

Rather than buy fish emulsion fertilizer for the seedlings I dipped water from the aquarium.  Water must be taken out and replaced once a week anyway. Rather than throw all of it out I used it as fertilizer.

There was a clearance sale at Dollar General this past weekend.  While I did go look, nothing that I needed was included at the store near me.  I left without buying anything.  A deal is only a deal if it is on something that you need. 

How have you saved money recently?

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