Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekend Book Reviews

Deadly Ride by Jody Holford is the third book in the Britton Bay Mystery series.  Molly is helping cover the Classic Car Crawl organized by her boyfriend Sam.  When one of the car crawl's co-founder is found murdered, Molly begins her own investigation.  This is an enjoyable series in a nice setting, and this book fits in well.  This particular series is a bit heavy on the romance for my personal preferences.  The mystery was strong, and that is the most important part of a cozy mystery.  It is more than enough to keep me reading the series in the future.

The third book in the Black Sheep & Co Mystery series by Anne Canadeo is Hounds of the Basket Stitch.  Maggie and her knitting group visit two sisters to teach them some basic knitting stitches.  When the sisters are attacked, Maggie cannot help but get involved in the mystery.  The suspect list is long from a mysterious drifter to the sisters' half brother.  This book is best enjoyed if you have read the previous ones.  I enjoyed the mystery even though I figured out the suspect early on, and I love the characters.

Apple Cider Slaying by Julie Anne Lindsey is the first book in the Cider Shop Mystery series.  Winnie is working hard to save her grandmother's orchard and open her own cider shop.  It seems like someone has it out for the orchard when a dead body is discovered followed by a series of threats.  This was a wonderful start to a new series.  I enjoyed the small town setting.  The characters were easy to relate to as the story progressed.  It was also the strongest mystery I have read recently.  I was stumped up until the end.  I look forward to many more from this series!

disclosure:  I received these e-books through NetGalley but was not otherwise compensated for these reviews.  All opinions are my own!

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