Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Catching Up: Goal Update Week 8 & Back to Basics

Pollen is not my friend this week.  Well, I should clarify that pine pollen is not my friend.  I have been happy to see the bees with pollen from my citrus trees.  The pine pollen has left me feeling less than perky.  Earlier in the week I spent my time on things that must be done.  W is working a bit late, and I am taking a break so I thought it was a good time to check in.  Goals first....

1.  Save all of Our Change for the Year

I added a bit of change this past week.  We did very little shopping so there was only a few coins to toss in the jar.

2.  Plan Ahead for My Business

I am continuing to work on Easter baskets.  The rabbit is almost done, but I am rethinking the ears.  Next on my list is a dinosaur.  I am working away on orders and am on track at this point.  I have reached a fork in the road so to say about the direction for my business over the coming months.  I have decided to see how things go through March before I make any final decisions. 

I was pleasantly surprised to get a new list of orders just as I was about to catch up.  These are spaced out enough with a bit of extra room before the deadlines. 

3.  Use the Dehydrator More

I will certainly do this more when the garden is in full swing.  For now I am researching things that can be dehydrated.  We have an over abundance of peaches in the freezer so I am thinking homemade fruit rolls will be in my future.

Back to Basics....

With the sinus/allergy problems I have been trying to drink more.  I wanted something more than plain water. I ended up making some flowerchild tea.  I added in two cups of bottled juice and no additional sugar.  It is one of my favorite drinks.

We ate leftovers for several meals.  It helped to not have to cook every day. It also helped the grocery budget.  I was able to roll over a few planned meals to this week.  I skipped buying additional snacks since we had plenty of snack foods in the pantry. 

I used more aquarium water for my seedlings.  They are growing well so it must be working. 

I picked greens from the yard to feed the rabbits and chickens.  We have an issue with some pests in the chicken house due to the warmer winter.  W opted to treat it with Dawn dish detergent.  It is so much safer for our the animals in addition to being cheaper. 

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