Saturday, February 15, 2020

Garden Update Week 6

The seedlings and plants are slowly taking over the living room and kitchen.  W has offered to build me a growing tower, but he is swamped with his business right now.  I am just trying to find room as best I can for now.

You can see a bunch of new peat pellets this week.  I planted several varieties tomatoes, a few herbs, and some eggplants.  The dwarf tamarillo seedling (smaller green plants) are continuing to do well.

Many of these pepper plants are almost ready to be transplanted into larger containers with compost.

The banana pepper seeds have sprouted.

Here are more tomato starts and the transplanted baby sweet peppers.  For some reason a few of my artichoke seedlings are dying.  I wonder if these would be better if direct sown in the garden.  

I also cleaned out a few more beds in the garden.  The temperatures here continue to fluctuate, but it is much too early for planting outside no matter if we have 80 degree days.  

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